Pure Pwnage Artchive 
The official home of archived Pure Pwnage material and fan creations.
The Artchive offers multimedia in the form of wallpapers, music, short films and graphics created by fans for fans.
This website is a tribute to the Pure Pwnage series and coincides with the official Pure Pwnage forums and its members.
Pure Pwnage Artchive News

Pure Pwnage (MOVIE): Official Teaser (4K UHD) - May 20, 2015

The Death of Gary Goldwater - February 11, 2013


Pure Pwnage Artchive – Rebuilt -

Hey all, Danoli3 here, just letting you know I am currently working on this site, so if anything is broken please try and look past it for now 🙂

(Nothing major should be broken, so if it is please let me know via the contact form)



Teh Movie Stream! - January 1, 2013


As part of the movie’s production, the Pure Pwnage Crew are going to host a regular stream for our fans and supporters.

The content of the stream will change depending on how far along they are in production, but it’ll generally be a blend of Q&A, behind-the-scenes and playing some LoL or HotS.

The first production stream is scheduled for 5:00pm EST on January 2nd.

Join us and have some fun!

Pure Pwnage: Teh Movie - September 18, 2012


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Pure Pwnage Parodies section remade!
Parodies page completely remade and added new content
Pure Pwnage Music Videos Tributes section remade!
Music Tributes and Remix videos page completely remade and added new content
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Music section remade and added new content
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Site completely remade! New Layout, New Graphics, New Pure Pwnage Content!
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Site navigation has been remade in HTML, no more flash.
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Added Pure Pwnage TV wallpapers
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Wallpapers all now have individual pages with a larger thumbnail so the user can see it in more detail before downloading. Wallpaper downloads are now tracked and you can now sort by Downloads. Added All Official Pure Pwnage Wallpapers to the list (can be sorted by Official Pure Pwnage)
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New Sorting and Page Navigation for Wallpapers / Graphics / Signatures / Official Short Clips - Wallpaper Section has been completly remade with new functionality. Fixed all dead links. Enhanced the Database. Updated with new Graphics / Wallpapers / Audio.
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Over 2000 Lines of Code and over 100 Database Entries and the new Wallpaper Section is coming to completion. Database entries up till May 2007. The Rest to be Completed Shortly :D. Also Check out the new noobstore advertisements and a updated navigation ;D!
Interactive PP Comic and Official Archive of PP Videos!
Interactive Pure Pwnage Comic finally released! Archive of Official Pure Pwnage Videos and Extra's!
October Update!!
New Parody's and Spoofs, New Wallpapers, New Videos, New Mods
August Update of Mass Pwnage
Episode 17 is released!! Skrie's PPGA Academy Trailer Released, New Music, New Parody's and Spoofs, New Wallpapers, New Videos
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New Content - New Promo Banners. New Pages - PP Tabs and Music, Fan Fiction.
Site is under content reconstruction
New Navigation, New Content Pages Being added (Don't Be scared away by a few dead links at the moment). Uploading Exclusive PP Interviews and FanChats. (Not Ep16 Fanchat sorry)
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Artchive New Site(php, new look)!
New Site Layout and Navigation!! New Artist Resources Section! New Content Update Within the Month!
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Massive Content Update. Check the home page for more information.
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Uber Update (Its over 9000)
19 new fun graphics added, 11 new video musical tributes added, 7 new audio tracks added, 5 new miscellaneous creations added, 3 new application game skins mods added, 2 new video spoofs added.
Danoli3 Reporting. Now Artchiving
42 fun graphics added, 15 new musical tribute videos added, 7 new spoof videos added. -Danoli3
Forth Update (content)
47 new wallpapers added, 5 new tribute videos added, 7 new forum signatures added, 4 audio tracks added. -denwO
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1 new wallpaper added, 1 new spoof video added, 1 new tribute video added, 1 new screen saver added, RSS feed launched! -denwO
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3 new wallpapers added, Wallpaper recommendation system removed. -denwO