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Tabs and sheet music

PP Ep15 Guitar Hero

Teh Noobsong Tabs:

Best Verison:
-Download teh noobsong Tab by TheViperOne

-Version 1
-Offsite Link
-Download teh noobsong Tab by opojab

-Version 2
-Download teh noobsong Tab

-Version 3
-Download teh noobsong Tab by 5fC d35tR0y3R

-Version 4
-Download teh noobsong Tab by nlitement

-Version 5
-Download teh noobsong Tab by rainin_babies

-Version 6
-Download teh noobsong Tab by Jolt

Feel like pwning n00bs Tabs:
-Download Guitar Pro 4 Format Tab by Verrückter
-Download feel like pwning noobs Tab by BRADIFUSMAXIMUS

Training Music (Episode 4)
(official Song Name "Rain Snow Sleet Hail" By Interstellar) Tabs:

official Tabbed Version: Offsite Link
Download Rain Snow Sleet Hail Tab

-Version 1
-Download Training Music Tab by fps_maspwnerer

-Version 2
-Download Training Music Tab by Skater901

RTS Training Part:
-Download RTS Training Tab by Poison.

FPS Training Part:
-Download FPS Training Tab by Poison.

End of Episode 11 Tab:
-Download End of Ep11 Tab by Invartact


I feel like Pwning Noobs:
-Download I feel like Pwning Noobs Music by Skrie

-Download I feel like Pwning Noobs Skrie's Version Music by Skrie

-Download the Midi File

How do you pwn so much:
-Download How do you pwn so much Music by Skrie

World of Warcraft is a Feeling:
-Download WoW is a feeling Music by Skrie

-Download WoW is a feeling Music + Lyrics by Skrie

-Download the Midi File

-Download WoW is a feeling Music by kmoritz


The Noobsong Tabs:
-Download Trumpet And Guitar Tabs by BertL


Rain Snow Sleet Hail (Episode 4):
-Rain Snow Sleet Hail by Zombicus